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Mindbody’s partnership with Google

Mindbody’s partnership with Google

MINDBODY’s partnership with Google 

Promoting fitness and well-being has been a norm for the past few years and a way of living for many. Despite January being the month of resolutions and being healthy, MINDBODY is here to stay and has stepped up the game of going to the gym and booking classes. 

The cloud-based business software is partnering up with Google to allow the users of MINDBODY to book classes and access the schedules through Google from maximum 10, 000 square meters in New York, L.A. and San Francisco. 

The process of booking goes as follows: the users will look for a certain type of fitness class or for a fitness studio close by and then proceed to book it all through google including payment. The software’s aim is to bring more customers in addition to the 35 million ones that are currently using the platform. The aim is to engage and transact within the global wellness industry. 

The future plan for the software is for users to be able to book directly through Google Maps and Google Search. The success of MINDBODY is indeed inspiring as it serves nearly 60, 000 local businesses and 326, 000 wellness practitioners around the world. The wellness practitioners can be contacted by people who seek their advice. The software will be expanded in order to include many mobile apps alongside mobile business management and app solutions. 

Written by: Christiana Markou 

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