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Politics wins Gold at this year’s Globes

Politics wins Gold at this year’s Globes

Politics wins gold at this year’s Globes.

Things get political every year at film and television awards ceremonies: it’s the perfect platform for it. With the live stream reaching up to 20 million at the Golden Globes, there would be no escaping and no censoring the stars’ opinions. We hear it just as they intend; no miscommunication. 

At the Golden Globes last year, Ricky Gervais commented repeatedly on woman’s pay in the film industry, the 2016 Oscars was hosted by Chris Rock, whose opening monologue was fuelled by the lack of diverse nominations, so this year was not to be different. 

And what with 2016 being an incredibly memorable year in politics, Donald Trump references were inventible, not only that, they were plentiful. The host, Jimmy Fallon, kicked things off by comparing the president-elect to Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey, saying that post-inauguration we would find out how Game of Thrones would have continued, should Joffrey have lived.

The theme ran on throughout the night, peppering the stars’ acceptance speeches, but the best yet came from Meryl Streep. She started her onslaught by stating that the film and televisions industry is made up of ‘foreigners’ so by getting rid of them, all we would be left with will be ‘Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts!’ She then moved on to discuss the time Trump ‘imitated a disabled person’, developing on this, Streep stated that when someone in such a powerful position does this, it permits others to do the same. Classic Trump took it to twitter and called Meryl Streep an overrated actress which caused anger to a lot of people. It is still shocking that a President Elect is using a social media platform to express all his thoughts. 

Streep took her chance to beautifully sum up the political concerns that may be a consequence of USA’s election result, especially in her field. She inspired millions with her speech, for without diversity there is no art.

No doubt we will see this again: I’m sure the Oscars’ ceremony will follow in the Golden Globes’ footsteps. And it is important that it does, because as Streep put it: ‘disrespect invites disrespect’, so the more Trump gives, the more he will get, and condemning his actions in front of a global audience is not only likely, but it is in good nature.

Written by: Henry Jones 


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