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Are Magnum Campaigns becoming the John Lewis Ad of the Summer?

Are Magnum Campaigns becoming the John Lewis Ad of the Summer?

Each Season holds its own unique brand of nostalgia. As the calendar roles on we might romanticize about pumpkin pies and the crisp leaves in the autumn, the thought of winter evokes images of tartan pajamas and a roaring fire, there's the daffodils and harvest festivals of spring and perhaps something precious about the smell of sunscreen in summer if it brings back those memories of every single childhood holiday you've been on. We often link the change in season with something to look forward to, they can tint our day to day activities with a rosy perspective as we are reminded of happy memories and simple pleasures.

As December nears there is also a certain advert which we will look forward to seeing make its annual appearance: The John Lewis Christmas campaign. We know it's going to get everyone's attention and we want to know what heartfelt narrative they've managed to muster this year. John Lewis has craftily teamed themselves with one of the most desirable campaign partners you could dream of, Christmas. It works because every year the idea is big and new but maintains a running theme for us to anticipate; promoting "The Joy of Giving" with an ambition of jerking tears. Can they do it again? We ask, as Christmas nears, and there will be column pages dedicated to it forever more.

Whether Magnum realizes it or not, they could be beginning to do the same thing to our summers. Magnum have gradually been progressing their status from an ice-cream brand to THE ice-cream brand. Last year Kendall Jenner got involved. In an interview with magnum; she is posed the question "what's your favorite flavor". It's sounds as basic “as what's your favorite color?” everyone knows we’re talking about Magnum, of course. Everyone has a favorite flavor... Don’t They? They will soon enough. Using Kendall was a winning decision, her magnum interview is now all over YouTube and just like every other banal detail of her life, people want to know what her favorite flavor is.

The Magnum Pleasure store has been making annual summer appearances in London for three years since its launch in 2014. This luxurious looking event graces our streets from the beginning of July until the end of August. It’s beginning to mean summer. Around this time Magnum will also introduce a killer new “Release the Beast, dare to go double” campaign video. So far, they are maintaining a running theme of beautiful women indulging themselves. However, there is also something outlandish and exciting thrown in: Last year “The Beast” took the form of pumas and leopards loyally following their respective beautiful women down the street, terrifying the men whom looked their way. This year Magnum have topped it, they’ve recruited Moschino’s Director, Jeremy Scott and Supermodel Cara Delevingne. If Delevingne can shave her head and post her own mug shots on Instagram I suspect she will “dare to go double”.

In this year’s video Jeremy Scott has ensured that Cara is decked in head to toe Moschino, que Golden leather jacket and a surplus of bling, the campaign is playful, bright and 70’s themed. Scott’s style, like Cara’s persona, screams bold. This Summer he has released a Magnum x Moschino Tote-bag, going for £212 each, on which Looney Toon esque beasts are devouring the distinctive ice cream against brightly colored backdrops. Scott has a fascination with icons, and loves to juxtapose concepts, “it’s all about playing around with what we understand them to be, and also putting them in another context” he tells Style magazine in a recent interview.

Scott’s fascination is reminiscent of that of Andy Warhol’s who once explained his own love of icons with the example of Coca Cola “the President drinks Coca Cola, Liz Taylor drinks Coca Cola, and just think, you can drink Coca Cola, too. A coke is a coke”. Magnum is striking a similar cord, Kendal Jenner, Cara Delevingne and everyone else can have a Magnum. Their brand is rising to pop-art status, if they’re lucky, they could go up there next to Heinz Baked Beans and Coca Cola. All they have to do is continue to wow us each summer with a new, exciting idea until we are automatically associating Magnum with sunshine and barbecues whilst looking forward to what they will do the next time July comes around.


Written by Bethan Kapur


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