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Variations in social media engagement and planning for the time of year

Variations in social media engagement and planning for the time of year

Different businesses will have different busy times of the year. Florists may peak at Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Others tie in with the school year, which is why retailers try to get ahead of competitors with back to school offers, immediately after children break up for summer, or why Christmas advertising seems to start earlier every year. However, there is some general guidance to be considered for all types of business as the year progresses. 

Types of post

A report looked at the types of post that were most engaged with, depending on the time of year. They checked lists, videos, how to articles, what posts and why posts. Why posts and lists were quite consistent throughout the year. However, other content reflected the circumstances – like educational videos being shared the most in September, tying with going back to school after the success of fun content in the summer. What posts are very popular in October.

This reflects the fact that the way everyone uses the internet changes as the year goes on. It is an idea to experiment yourself with what works best when, for the time of week as well as the time of year. 

Other types of post that get good engagement are those relating to trending topics (just avoid the controversial ones) if you can relate your brand to that, obviously do it when the trend is still going, don’t wait for the best time of day/week as you may well miss the chance to be seen. 

Themes for this autumn 

This is a great time for a social media campaign with situational content like Halloween related posts, fallen leaves, etc. Twist any special offer to fit these themes. Use the autumn colour palette of red, yellow and orange. Social media is fantastic for sharing your own stunning autumn photos and videos. 

Encourage followers to get involved with their own autumn images, maybe featuring your product. Also, get involved in Halloween with content and costumes or costume competitions. Other days to think about in Autumn – Bonfire Night, Evaluate Your Life Day, World Hello Day, or Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.  

If you are in a service industry, really focus on the sales now, as Christmas may slow down and the slow times are good for analysis and planning. 

Christmas preparation

For retailers, Christmas will be the peak social media time, so get planning this autumn. Have a look at last year’s Christmas campaigns and use the success or failure to plan this years. You may be working on an Advent calendar or similar promotion. Christmas countdowns are already appearing on social media – we don’t want to hear it, but it will be here before you know it and digital marketers need to plan.

Consider the platform

Despite having a smaller active user base than Twitter, Snapchat delivers 5 times the engagement. If you believe that your target market are Snapchat users, it is time to get on board. Again, autumn imagery or get planning for Christmas. 

Hopefully some of these thoughts will leave you with a great plan to engage your customers in the months to come. 

Written by Claire Thirgood

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