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Virgin Galactic Ready for Blast Off?

Virgin Galactic Ready for Blast Off?

The second version of Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, just had a successful glide test, putting them on schedule to start sending passengers out to space within the following months. Virgin boss, Richard Branson unveiled that the VSS Unity will be taking people on suborbital test flights come April.

This news comes after Virgin’s first SpaceShipTwo vehicle had a catastrophic crash in 2014 as the aircraft broke up over California’s Mojave Desert. Since the deadly crash which killed the pilot and seriously injured another, Virgin had to wait two years to gain approval yet again from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to get SpaceShipTwo off the ground again. 

Many spots have been reserved for the first Virgin flights to go out to space, including celebrity clientele. If further tests of VSS Unity go to plan and are successful, Virgin Galactic will become the first company to offer and provide commercial flights into space. An exciting or scary time to be alive? You decide.   

Written by Chantelle Ramdeen

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