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My Work Experience Journey By Urwah Ahmad

My Work Experience Journey By Urwah Ahmad

Instead of the stereotypical norm of travelling during a gap year I chose to get some experience instead, as I had no experience beforehand. I was studying Marketing and Advertising at University when at the end of my 2nd year I decided I didn’t want to graduate with zero experience and felt I needed to get some insight on marketing. 

At Blu Digital Recruitment every day consisted of tasks that challenged me to grow and excel. My everyday tasks consisted of managing all social media platforms such as; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts using Tweetdeck and Hootesuite to schedule and create content. I also had the chance to explore my graphic and design skills by creating infographics and other various creative content using Canva. In regards of office and admin tasks consisted of; formatting candidate CVs per company guideline, also copywriting was stimulating as it was great to see my blogs get mentioned, retweeted or liked on any of the Blu-digital's social media platforms as it was nice to see the engagement my blogs would get on social media. I also uploaded blogs on a regular basis depending on relevant tech trends and news, the themes that were assigned for every other day were; ‘TopTipTuesday’, ‘TechWedensday’ and ‘ThrowbackThursday’. Blog posts were posted via CMS tool MyEvolve, alongside other tasks included updating the internal database and uploading new jobs to the website via CMS tool MyEvolve. Therefore this experience has helped me to find my way and has given me a clearer insight into Marketing and the typical office environment.

Overall this experience here at Blu has helped me become a better person professionally. Previously I would struggle with meeting tight deadlines and working at Blu allowed me to be adapt to the fast-paced environment and meet deadlines beforehand. At Blu there was never a fixated plan, the original idea would always change around, and you would be required to act quick, this allowed me to adjust to situations which were outside my comfort zone and use my time management skill wisely. In addition, all of which I have learnt will help me immensely for the future. 

This experience has led me to gain many valuable skills whilst working here that I will be able to take forward with me. This was an eye-opening opportunity for me to work in especially in a recruitment company.

Written by Urwah Ahmad 

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