UX Research Jobs

UX Research Jobs

Make digital experiences the best they can be
Ensuring a user flows through a digital product without any trouble is invaluable to the companies that produce them. UX specialists touch upon design, functionality and psychological elements to improve on the performance of existing websites and applications. They conduct the research that enables better user experiences.

UX research can manifest itself in interviews, studies, split testing or hands on exercises and experts in these positions represent customer interests, ensuring they are met. Researchers make observations and suggestions that shape a user’s digital experience, producing wireframes and reports that enable designers to implement their findings. The presentation of this research, in both documented and communicated forms, is a crucial aspect of the role, particularly for Research Managers.

The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of people and the design elements that appeal to them. Creative thinking is also required to turn problem areas into much better performing ones, working with the entire team involved on a project to ensure an optimal result.

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We’re passionate about our sector and the professionals within it. Our recruitment service is based on providing a good experience and being proactive at all times. Our UX focused consultants are dedicated to the industry and go to great lengths to pair the best talent with rewarding contract and permanent roles. 

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Senior Web Developer

Contact Consultant: Shakara Rose

Senior Web Developer London To provide the technical skills and expertise to develop the University’s digital platforms and the content management system under the direction of the Digital Development Manager.   The principal responsibility of the digital developer is to write high-quality, error-f

Job Type: Permanent

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