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Management Apps

Management Apps

Some apps can help you organise your life, however finding the right one can become a challenge, which often can only add onto your ‘to do list’. Weather you need to stay on track with your appointments or never lose all your contact details on the phone, here are few apps which can make your life my organised.

24me is a smart personal assistant, with a calendar, to-do list and already built in notes.  24me connects to your real life, with a great accessibility to your utilities, service provider, banks and social networks, it tells you exactly what you have to do, and helps you manage the things from your device. 

ConnectiD is a smart address book, which automatically updates, and shares your contacts. ConnectiD enables you to store your contacts without a fear of ever losing them again. Its great for the travellers, movers, smashers and professionals. With ConnectiD you will always be able to distribute your contact information across multiple networks, companies and devices, and the time zone feature will help you to manage the international communication. 

Productivity suite for the mobile generation, sometimes can be a challenge but with Quip you can combine chats, documents, tasks list and spreadsheets in one app on one device.  Quip is a modern productivity app, which enables you to work on the go as an individuals or a team. Everyone can edit the same document at the same time. It’s a great productivity app for both personal and professional use. 

For those who spend long nights and days in front of a screen F.lux has a great solution, a smart app and a software which adjust the screen brightness are you work throughout the day.  F.lux makes colour of your device display adapt to the time of day, being warm at night and light during the day time. It’s a great app to have while being constantly exposed to displays of your devices. 

There are many great apps which can help us manage our life’s, just through the use of one touch and a device technology is developing how we live. The tech industry definitely is developing and evolving however it will strive to develop more improved and advanced apps that will change our life’s.

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