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How does social media react to the new Snapchat design layout?

How does social media react to the new Snapchat design layout?

So, for those that don't know, Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. The social media app first announced major changes in November 2017, with the boss (Evan Spiegel) commenting that the redesign was to make it “more personal". He added that "people complain that posts from friends are mixed in the photos and videos from publishers and creators". 

The new update includes stories from your "normal" friends appear in your chats, while popular and famous Snapchat users (when you swipe left) are still on the side of the media. In addition, stories are no longer in chronological order. For those who haven't seen the new update, here is the before and after: 

Before update: 













After/current update: 










However, Snapchat users weren't  happy with the new update, infact, some were frustrated, confused and even angry over the changes. Users say the new interface has made it diffcult to use the app and to also share messages with their friends. Below are a few examples of user's airing their frustration on Twitter, including Chrissy Teigen! 








As Snapchat seem to be going downhill, Instagram stories seem to be stealing the show as Instagram Stories have had up to 100 million daily active users within two months of launch, not to talk of November where figures increase to 300 million, almost 150 million more than Snapchat's  ENTIRE daily userbase. 

Users created a petition for the new Snapchat update to be removed; more than 560,000 people have signed the petition, however we are yet to see a change. It seems as if Snapchat have no plans to revert back to the previous design. Which leaves Snapchat users in more dissapointment. Could this be the end of Snapchat? Will Snapchat revert back to the previous design? Stay tuned! 

Written by Gloria Amma

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