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Wetherspoon Deactivating From Social Media

Wetherspoon Deactivating From Social Media

Something quite bizarre in the news is that the pub chain, JD Wetherspoon is shutting down their social media platforms for all of its 900 pubs across the country. The Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts have closed with immediate effect, which has come as a surprise and shocked many people on social media. This is what JD Wetherspoon have said in a statement before they closed the account.

The move has been linked to concerns regarding the misuse of personal data following the Facebook Scandal and the addictive nature of social media. The boss of JD Wetherspoon, Tim Martin believes that people "spend too much time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and struggle to control the compulsion" due to the "addictive nature of social media". Recently, there have been accounts that have been trolling MPs and others on the Wetherspoon accounts.

Furthermore, he stated that "we are going against conventional wisdom that these platforms are a vital component of a successful business". Instead of using social media, press and news updates would posted on the website and on the magazine, Wetherspoon News. Mr Martin also hoped that this would not be start of a business trend. 

With this statement, could this be the start of companies ditching social media in advertising and promoting their business? Could JD Wetherspoon make a return back to social media in the near future?

Written by Adoneyas Asfaw-Seyoum

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