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A Marketing Campaign Beckham Won't Forget

A Marketing Campaign Beckham Won't Forget

As the release of Deadpool two draws closer, the attention and hype it's receiving is certainly not surprising. The marketing campaign they have released have impressed the majority, with a slight twist. 

World superstar, David Beckham appeared to be the subject of mockery by Deadpool in the first film, where they mocked his voice. To apologise, Deadpool released a marketing campaign to issue an apology to David Beckham. This campaign features Beckham watching back the clip of his voice being mocked and then Deadpool turns up at Beckham's house to apologise. 

It's certainly not the most traditional of movie, however the creativity is definitely something to admire. It goes away from the intense, flashy moments to a comedic outlook. The first Deadpool film was  very big hit and Deadpool 2 doesn't look far behind either.  You can watch the full trailer below.

Written by Richard Afrifa

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