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Digital’s The Miracle Cure For Sports Science

Digital’s The Miracle Cure For Sports Science

If there's one thing that's synonymous with Australia other than barbies and poisonous spiders, it's sport. Cricket, rugby league, aussie rules, they just can't get enough of it down under. Now it seems they're near the forefront of digital aids for sports science, a concept that's becoming global. 

After all, we're always hearing about how even a 1% difference can have huge benefits for those at the top of their game, so with knowledge of both digital and science increasing exponentially year on year, we could be on the verge of great change. 

SMA - Sports Medicine Australia - has done more than most to make progress. Advancements in sport and exercise medicine have been helped by sensor technology and big data analytics. Injury prevention in particular has benefitted through mathematical models, whereby it can be determined how much of a workload sportsmen such as elite fast bowlers can take on before the risk of injury heightens. Such breakthroughs and research have then reached a wider audience through promotion on social media. 

And who knows what this could mean? It may be too late for the 2018 World Cup, but how about England coming home victorious in four years time? Anything’s possible when it comes to digital, right? 

Written by Dan Green 

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