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Anyone For Tennis (and/or football)?

Anyone For Tennis (and/or football)?

The hopes of the Three Lions may have been extinguished for another two years, but not everything this weekend is now purely academic. The feats of Gareth Southgate and the boys had meant that this year's Wimbledon was being well and truly overshadowed. With the men's final set to clash with the world cup showpiece on Sunday, there was only one winner. 

But that was before England's painful exit on Wednesday. Now that they're out, the choice is less clear-cut. 

Of course, if you happen to be French or Croatian it should be a no-brainer. For those who aren't and enjoy both their football and tennis, what to do? Muti-screening is the obvious way to go. Have the TV going, and at the same time set up your laptop, mobile or tablet to get the best of both worlds. Or if you're really flash, two TVs. 

If you're genuinely stuck, you could always puzzle Alexa with your problem. To be honest though, she doesn't strike me as much of a footy fan. 

Written by Dan Green

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