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Journey with Voice Technology For a Brighter Future

Journey with Voice Technology For a Brighter Future

You've got to feel for travel agents sometimes. Not only have online booking sites made great swathes of the industry redundant, but now it appears there's a new threat on the horizon. Voice technology will, it's predicted, not only be answering any stupid question we can come up with, but will eventually be able to advise us on where to go on hols and book the whole thing for us. Thomas Cook, you have been warned! 

It's far from exclusive to travel though, as the likes of Alexa are being groomed to become ‘digital agents’ rather than just simply household assistants. 

This trend is tipped to be as game-changing as smartphones replacing the more traditional desktop queries. As such, an arms race is rapidly developing, with Facebook (it had to be them) due to launch its very own ‘smart speaker’ later this year. Voice is still a novelty, but within the next decade it's set to be a very big deal. 

It's thought that those who are first to take the opportunity to build voice technology apps will be at a huge advantage in these early stages. Thomas Cook could do a lot worse… 

Written by Dan Green

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