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Microsoft Surface Bringing Competition to iPad?

Microsoft Surface Bringing Competition to iPad?

Microsoft is set to release a new tablet going by ‘Andromeda’ which will be part of a trio of devices allegedly being introduced later this year and 2019. Secretive codenames for each of these devices have also surfaced from internal documents which include ‘Andromeda’, ‘Carmel’ and ‘Libra’. 
The new surface tablet codenamed Andromeda is still at a relatively secretive stage in its development.  Ideas of what the new design could look like however have surfaced. A feature which is noticeable is that it’s able to fold up conveniently in your pocket with its display also sleekly covering the gap from the hinge when opened. Microsoft internally describes the portable device as bringing together innovative hardware and software to create a personal and versatile experience. They also describe the device as ‘blurring the lines between mobile and stationary computing’. In April Microsoft had a patent for a new portable, dual screen, handheld device with a foldable display which many now believe to be Andromeda. 
Alongside the mysterious Andromeda, Microsoft will release ‘Libra’, a new Surface tablet which hopes to compete with the iPad upon its predicted release in the second half of 2018.  Meanwhile ‘Carmel’ is aiming to be a successor to the latest Surface Pro Device. Due to the newest processors being released later this year Carmel won’t be able to launch until 2019. 
Microsoft will hope that the release of this trio of new devices can make up for their previous failures. There attempt at making a successful mobile operating system is an example of where they have struggled to juggle between hardware and software. The company were unable to develop the Windows phone fast enough so by the time it was operational, consumers were already taken by iOS and Android. Microsoft couldn’t stand out above both iOS and Android, with both globally successful by the time Microsoft decided to take on Apple and Google. The only brand which embraced Windows was Nokia but neither could benefit from the competition, prompting Nokia to gracefully retire. 
Written by Ben Watts

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