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Social Media isn't Slowing Down in 2019

Social Media isn't Slowing Down in 2019

Social media Marketers have taken to different platforms to advertise their products in a way which will relate to their audience. With the way social media has grown as well as new trends being introduced on a daily basis, it is inevitable that the way we use it will certainly change. There have been some trends which have been highlighted in previous years that are still growing or haven’t quite made the impact that was first expected.

Keeping up with the trending topics on social media can be a challenge, let alone keeping up with social media trends themselves! In this article, we’ll highlight a few of the trends we expect to have an effect for the remainder of 2019.

Video Content

Video content continues to grow yearly, with many digital marketers opting for that strategy when advertising their services on social media. With many considering social media to dominate the market, it is predicted that 80% of what we’ll consume online will soon be video content. Live video has always been popular on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and now Instagram live. You’re even now notified when someone goes live.

As long as you’re delivering engaging and exciting content for your audience, you’ll become trustworthy of your consumers, with them not wanting to miss anything you do. Another reason why video is becoming very popular is the ease in which it is to film. However, ensuring your production levels are at it's finest, will bring a good quality of content to your audience.

Social media Influencers

Social media influencers have become a major trend in recent years. In addition to reality TV stars, we now have online stars such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram stars and online millionaires. Every tweet or Instagram post can instantly be seen by their followers and has given many people an alternative route to becoming a well-known public figure.

The numbers of social media influencers have grown over time, with many brands using these figures to promote their products. Along with influencers, there are also ‘micro-influencers’. Their following won’t be as large as the typical influencer (fewer than 10,000) however, everything they say is taken in by their followers. Perhaps not having the largest following makes them trustworthy to advertisers and marketers could be about to recognize this in 2019.


 As consumers in today’s day and age, one thing we crave is real-time communication. Being able to have that constant communication with brands, whether it’s across social media or chatbot’s, consumers will expect their queries to be answered right away. We’re now able to now buy products with chatbot’s waiting and willing to provide us advice on the product we’re buying. We can now use social media tools to schedule posts to be published at any given time.

In 2019, consumers will expect their Twitter complaint to be answered straight away, it’s just the world we live in – nobody has time to wait. People want their problems solved and their needs met, now.

As exciting as these trends may be, it will also prove to be a challenging year for marketers, as they seek to adapt, but with the new tools in place, it will surely help to enhance to consumer process.

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