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Is Your Fitness App Stealing a Few Miles?

Is Your Fitness App Stealing a Few Miles?

Runners and those alike are gearing up for Octobers London Marathon. Running a marathon in the middle of autumn certainly isn’t easy with days and hours of preparation. We’re now fortunate to have technology at our disposal to help us monitor our fitness progress. These can be monitored through applications and also fitness watches. 

Being able to track our progress helps us set our own targets on the road to fitness gold! But…are our apps lying to us? Consumer Watchdog recently carried out some recent in the build-up to the marathon and various applications came under the spotlight. Samsung's Gear S2 was found to miscalculate the distance according to the research, saying the wearer had reached marathon distance only after they had run 36.2 miles. 

The Misfit Ray, Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, Fitbit Zip, and Polar A370 were all also named as devices which carried runners past the 30-mile mark during testing. Huawei's Watch 2 Sport left runners short of a full marathon, the research claimed, telling the wearer they had reached the milestone after only 18.9 miles. These applications are often used by many runners and after the results coming out of the research will leave many runners frustrated. With many of the miscalculations coming from devices manufactured by the big brands, will that leave some mistrust among current and future customers? 
Natalie Hitchins, head of home products and services at the consumer watchdog, said: 'Running a marathon is no mean feat, so runners who are putting in the months of training beforehand will want to know their fitness tracker is trustworthy, and not jeopardizing their finish times. 

'Our tests have found a number of models from big-name brands that can't be trusted when it comes to measuring distance, so before you buy, make sure you do your research to find a model that you can rely on.' 


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