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Chatbot’s to be even more effective in 2020

Chatbot’s to be even more effective in 2020



As we head towards the end of 2019, it’s that time when we look at the digital trends that could take off in 2020! One of the trends which are becoming the norm by the day is the use of Chatbots. This customer-focused trend is enabling customers to interact with businesses on a timely basis but is also a great use for brands who work globally. 

As we mentioned before, by enabling a chatbot, you are able to interact with your customers by providing them quick answers to any queries they may have. It would not be possible for customers to have human interaction 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. If your business works with clients or customers worldwide, the issue of time difference will likely play a part. Online retailers’ presence is becoming bigger each year, which brings in more customers. 

A chatbot will allow your business to interact with multiple customers at a time, rather than having a human juggling a queue of customers. Customer service is very important, ensuring your customers get the right service (to bring them back) is crucial. Chatbots will not diminish human assistance completely, however, combining human assistance with Chatbot’s will likely lower overall costs.  For example, if the customer service request cannot be handled properly by the chatbot, a customer can request for human-operator assistance in these systems for more support. This need for humans is becoming less, as the artificial intelligence programming of Chatbots and the ability to recognize different languages is improving.

Using Chatbots for Marketing on Social Media can come of great benefits. They are getting great results, due to the number of users on social media, as well as the number of increasing brands advertising their services on various platforms. A platform such as Facebook Messenger has over 2 billion messages sent each month, containing over 300,000 messenger Chatbots on the system. This is a platform in which customers will connect most with brands. Using a chatbot on Facebook Messenger helps customers feel more confident by getting answers and help quickly. That way, the company can sell products based on the customer’s preference. 

You’re likely to have a conversation with a Chatbot in the next few years; chatbots should definitely be considered for any company which is looking to boost their Digital Marketing efforts in 2020. 


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