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Your Digital New Years Resolutions

Your Digital New Years Resolutions

As we prepare to welcome in the New Year, we’re sure many of us have already planned some New Year’s Resolutions that we aim to tackle in 2020. Diets, more exercise, less spending and the list goes on. But as the digital world seems to be bringing us more and more innovations to tuck our teeth into, it can be easy to get very excited but lost on how to deal with it at the same time. We’re looking at a few ways in which you can make some positive changes to the way you use digital. 

Use a strong password

You may think this is a simple one because of how often it is mentioned, however, it is still a major issue for not only individuals but also many businesses! Companies suffer in business due to the loss or tampering with data because their systems have been hacked into. The first step to securing data that is considered to be confidential is to make that it is indeed secure. Some businesses may have a structure where all passwords are the same – big mistake. For users who sign up for certain services, keep their data safe! Don’t wait to change your password to s stronger one – take action. 

Enable Step Verification

Step verification may be one of those things that many of us are reluctant to do due to the number of potential steps it requires should something go wrong. It would not be fair to say that step-authentication cannot be hacked, but it is better to have it than not have it at all. If you use your social media for marketing purposes, we strongly recommend you find out how to enable it on those platforms, as well as Google. 

Install the apps millennials love

There are thousands of free and paid-for applications that are available across many devices. It may be worth speaking to some of the younger people to see what apps they like (besides social media) and how it helps them get through their day. There are apps that may help our health, find us a parking space or book us appointments with ease. If you have kids, speak to them about their favourite apps. Who knows, maybe you’ll like them too! 

Try ‘No Social Media For a Week’

Now, this is a very interesting one. Many of us may be assessing our social media use and are planning to make changes to the amount of time we spend on these platforms. We guess this doesn’t count if you need social media for work purposes, but when it comes to personal use, decreasing the amount of time scrolling through Instagram could bring many positives to our daily lives. 

Using social media to check what may be happening in the world could be better than just a habit we have no control over. Give it a go and see what happens. Easier said than done, right?

Try Disabling Your Notifications

Many of you have probably done this before, but find yourself checking applications due to habit. If you haven’t, give it a try. Disable as much as possible, then only enable again if you miss them. Your device should help you be productive, not demand your attention every 30 seconds.

As we mentioned before, you’ve probably got a list of resolutions you wish to implement in 2020, and we’ve just given you a helping hand! 

All the best in 2020! 

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