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Digital Recruitment Trends: Social Media

Digital Recruitment Trends: Social Media

We’ve spent a bit of time looking back as well as looking ahead to digital trends that we feel will play a very important part in a number of digital strategies this year. There’s always a debate on which trends are most important or useful than others, but they all help enhance the digital strategy. Now, we look at the industry in which we actively make a difference in daily: recruitment. 

Recruitment has certainly evolved over the years, with new systems and different ways to connect with potential candidates and clients. One trend in particular that could or is already playing a big part in sourcing candidates, is social media. It’s no secret that a large majority of us spend most of our time on various social media channels to stay connected with what’s going on in the world. LinkedIn is seen as the traditional social media platform which helps connect recruiters with candidates, with the help of 'LinkedIn recruiter'. 

Another platform that is seen to be designed especially for recruitment is Glassdoor. In order for businesses or more especially, recruitment to take advantage of social media as a recruitment tool, it’s important to know how candidates use various platforms. Twitter is a platform with limited text, heavy on hashtag use. Facebook could be seen as more community based, whereas Instagram focuses more on the visual aspect. 

It’s not just searching for candidates in which social media can be used for; but also attracting them. We mentioned how each platform is different, so by creating content which is popular across social media could be the key to more attention. Creating short videos to represent company culture or infographic to represent the business as a whole could draw candidates closer to finding out more, or perhaps applying for a job. 

Using social media will also have its negative side; so it’s worth bearing in mind that social media platforms offer many of us a platform to voice an opinion; good or bad. 

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