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Gillette Using Football for ‘positive versions of Masculinity’

Gillette Using Football for ‘positive versions of Masculinity’

Gillette’s latest ad campaign has the simple aim of providing a positive version of masculinity, focused solely on the male audience. This latest ad is also the first team in which it features global ambassador and famous footballer, Raheem Sterling. 

The campaign ‘Made of What Matters’ features the Manchester City winger highlighting the importance of being a good role model for younger aspiring footballers, but also young men. Gillette’s latest campaign highlights how the shaving brand is using football among other sports, to inspire the next generation. 

Gillette’s Brand Manager of the UK and Ireland, Matt Thomas said: “We believe in the importance of role models in ensuring younger generations have positive versions of masculinity to aspire to.” Raheem Sterling could be seen as a perfect fit to lead this new generation, as he has proved important in tackling issues on and off the pitch. He has emerged as an iconic footballer and spokesperson when raising important issues such as racism in football; discussing his own experiences in the process. 

Matt Thomas went on to say: “Sterling is known for transcending the world of football, using his influence as a force for good. He’s a true role model who aligns perfectly with our values and what we have long stood for as a brand,” 
The new ad was meant to premiere during this past Sunday’s scheduled Premier League meeting between Manchester City and West Ham; however, it was called off due to weather concerns. 

Gillette’s focus on sport could play a massive part in inspiring young people to pursue what they believe in and be the best version of themselves. Matt Thomas adds: “Our partnership builds on Gillette’s commitment to celebrating those who always aspire to be the best version of themselves and who encourage others to stand up for what they believe in.”

You can watch Gillette's new ad campaign on YouTube




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