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Coronavirus’ Effect on the Capital

Coronavirus’ Effect on the Capital

The outbreak of Coronavirus has sent major disruption and anxiety across the globe, as cases in the UK continue to grow. The current cases of coronavirus in the UK stand at 319. 

Health experts have warned that there could be a ‘significant’ increase in the number of cases over the next few months. The advice which is being continuously given is for the public to ensure that they are always washing their hands, especially after using public transport or interacting with the outside. 

The coronavirus outspread has caused many of the UK, in particular, Londoners to take extra precautions. Images have been circulating social media platforms of Londoners traveling via public transport, wearing a variety of very interesting protective facial gear. 

A commuter is seen wearing a gas mask in a London Underground station.


A lady travels on a London bus wearing a see-through bucket as protection against the virus.

In one of the most extraordinary images, a man covers his face with a plastic bag! 

Who would ever see the day that there would be such a demand for hand sanitizers?! Retailers have has such as demand for the anti-bacterial product that they have restricted customers to purchasing no more than two hand sanitizers at a time. 

We’re not quite sure how long the coronavirus is here to stay but one with is for sure; Londoners aren’t playing. 

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