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Greggs’ Profit Up-rise in thanks to marketing

Greggs’ Profit Up-rise in thanks to marketing

Everyone’s favourite bakery Greggs produced record sales in 2019; alongside their famous Vegan Sausage Rolls. 

Greggs has praised their marketing efforts for playing a “key role” in the boost of profits. The bakery reported a 27% rise in pre-tax profits in 2019 to £114.2m. 

Greggs Chief Executive, Roger Whiteside was vocal about the brands' success, hailing 2019 as an “exceptional year” for Greggs. The beginning of 2020 got off to a strong start, however, with the emergence of Coronavirus hitting the UK, sales have been massively affected. 

“Demand for food-on-the-go continues to grow and we are investing in opportunities to develop further market share,” Whiteside said. 

Greggs made a decision to invest heavily in their digital marketing efforts; by putting “customer data at the heart of our decision making and customer communication strategy”. 

Due to the popularity of the Vegan Sausage roll in 2019, Greggs decided to introduce a vegan steak bake in January with promises of other meat- and dairy-free goods in the near future. 

Digitally, Greggs has been trialing new options for their customers; including click and collect, ordering from the Just Eat app and also home delivery. The brand says they have seen “sufficiently encouraging results” following those trials, which could see further investment to put them ahead of competitors in their market. 

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