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Video Solutions: Interviewing In front of the camera

Video Solutions: Interviewing In front of the camera

At Blu Digital; our main focus is to ensure our candidates and clients are receiving the best service possible. We are also aware that the world we live in currently is different to the world we started with at the beginning of 2020.

Providing solutions to our candidates and candidates while adapting to current situations is what helps us stand out as a digital recruitment agency. Video consultations are on the rise; as the use of the latest digital technology is in full-use. As part of the video solutions provided to the clients we work with; the latest video software allows candidates and clients to meet via video. Clients can conduct live interviews as well candidates completing solo interviews.

Interviews can be recorded on a variety of devices including desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Candidates are free to record in their own time in a comfortable and appropriate setting of their choosing. One of the main benefits of video interviewing is that it speeds up the recruitment process. Having to schedule time in to suit both the client and candidate can be tricky at times, especially if the process requires multiple steps.

Clients can also use analytical tools associated with the video software to compare answers of each candidate based on the same question. There are great benefits towards video interviewing, as to why it has become so popular in recent years; and we look for our clients to take full advantage of the technology as they continue to hire great talent!


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