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Video Solutions: Online Meetings

Video Solutions: Online Meetings

The digital world is continuously producing new innovations that are helping the world of recruitment as we face the current circumstances of a world health crisis. 

At Blu Digital, our candidates and clients are of the utmost importance. Ensuring that our client expectations are met is what we strive for. Business may not be as usual, however, the video software we have in place is allowing the recruitment process to continue; perhaps even quickening candidate placements. 

One of the benefits of our video software is the ability to conduct online meetings. Once candidates have been shortlisted, decision-makers throughout the business can discuss which candidates stood out to them after reviewing each video. This makes it convenient; especially if board members or executives are based abroad, or working from home due to current health fears. 

One of the many benefits when it comes to video conferencing is that it is cost-effective. A physical meeting time requires time and money to travel, hotel accommodation expenses, other meeting facilities, and so on. 

As we continue to source outstanding candidates for our clients; an effective way of keeping employees in the loop despite residing in different geographical locations is by use of top online meeting Software. 

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