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Video solutions: Power Behind Analytics

Video solutions: Power Behind Analytics

Video recruitment may at the moment be a temporary solution for many businesses amid the current health crisis, but there are also reasons why video recruitment can be a permanent part of the recruitment process going forward; and one of those reasons is analytics.

Analytics is the most common way for those involved in digital to be able to monitor the progress they’re making across various channels, such as the website or on social media. As part of our video software we are using to aid our clients, one of the beneficial features that comes with it is the analytics tool.

Whilst using this tool, businesses can see data from both an organisations and recruiter’s point of view. One feature of our video software we mentioned in a previous blog was is the option to conduct solo interviews. Once candidates have recorded their interviews, our clients can watch back each interview. Once the interviews have been viewed, recruiters can gather information such as:

  • Total views per candidate
  • Total candidate views
  • The percentage of candidates whose interviews were watched in full

This will give our recruiters a better idea of which candidates have caught the eye of our clients before they get in touch with feedback. This can be a major advantage for recruiters and also saves much time in regards to communication between client and recruiter.

Analytics is a great way of summarising information that is gathered when it comes to making that final decision on who to hire.


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