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AB InBev Launches…Beer School!

AB InBev Launches…Beer School!

It’s been a few months since pub-goers have had the luxury of visting their local pubs for the usual social gathering and to enjoy their favourite beverage. Although you can still buy various beverages from supermarkets and local shops, for some it’s just not the same. 

Brewing Giant AB InBev, which owns brands including Budweiser and Corona has recently launched an application to help staff and customers become ‘more engaged’ with beer. 

The app is called Hoppy; it helps educate consumers on beer whilst allowing them to navigate the diverse range of beverages available. There is also a fun and competitive element to the app, as users can take part in quizzes, collect badges and also earn points or ‘beercoins’ to compete for a place on the leaderboard. 

The concept was spearheaded by global head of passion for beer, Charles Nouwen. Charles felt that consumers did not know enough about beer and vowed to change that. 

“People were not engaged enough and didn’t know enough about beer,” he said. 

This app was not just designed for the consumer, but AB InBev staff have also taken to the app well. Currently, more than 1,600 AB InBev employees are already using the app. 

Part of the motivation to release the application, was to give something back to consumers as the UK came to terms with restrictions due to the pandemic. He said: “We thought, ‘everyone is going to be at home now so what can we offer in terms of entertainment?’.”

For many people, drinking beer is considered a casual activity they can enjoy on their own or socially. AB InBev see that there is a lot more to it and that, and they aim to get that message across to consumers. 

As they target the younger adult, it seems the limits of drinking beer whilst enjoying a sporting event are gone. 

It’s time to attend…beer school! 

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