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“Whassup Buds” Ad Celebrates The Return of Premier League Football

“Whassup Buds” Ad Celebrates The Return of Premier League Football

There has been a long anticipated wait for the return of live sport; under safe guidelines. The return of the Premier League has been greeted with warm welcome from football fans all over the world. 

Although the remaining fixtures are being played behind closed doors, the Premier League is doing all it can to make the fans still feel part of the game. To celebrate the return of the Premier League, Budweiser has launched their ad campaign entitled “Whassup Buds, Football is back!”

The advert shows participants of the advert shouting: “Football is back” across the phone to each other. The main purpose of the campaign with the hashtag: “WhassupBuds”, is to encourage football fans across the country to support their favourite football teams from home. Budweiser is also giving fans the chance to appear on a stadium screen pitch side, if they tweet a selfie to the UK Budweiser Twitter account. 

Budweiser, who recently partnered with the Premier League to launch it’s Hall of Fame, have also partnered with Uber Eats in a bid to get fans ordering takeaways whilst enjoying the live games. With that comes an offer free delivery on orders of its beers worth more than £10; as well as first time Uber Eats customers can get £15 off their first order, if they spend £18.  

Bringing the fans closer to their teams during this period is the main aim of Budweiser UK  Senior Brand Manager, Martina Isella: “We know fans across the UK cannot wait for football to return, albeit behind closed doors, and neither can we. We’re looking forward to virtually transporting fans into the stadiums, bringing them as close to their favourite team as possible through the pitch perimeter boards.

“It is no secret that beer and football go hand in hand, so what better way to celebrate the return of the Premier League than watching the game, supporting your team with a cold Bud. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Uber Eats to mark this occasion and enhance the experience for the people who make football the beautiful game we all know and love – the fans.”

This is not what football fans would want as a permanent solution; as there’s no better feeling that standing or sitting in a stadium supporting your team. However, with the current restrictions in place, Budweiser are doing all they can to ensure fans still have that matchday experience. 

You can view the full advert here


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