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Future of Work in Ecommerce Industry To Be Different In The Future

Future of Work in Ecommerce Industry To Be Different In The Future

As other sectors have struggled in the last few months due to Covid-19, the Ecommerce sector has seen immense growth. This is largely down to how consumer buying habits have changed, as well as factors such as social distancing playing a huge role. 

The way we shop, study, work and communicate has changed dramatically in 2020. Another reason why Ecommerce has seen success recently is due to the demand of essentials such as household items, medicine and grocery shopping. Due to restrictions in certain retail shops and the conveniency of ordering online, many have opted to stick to online shopping as it’s easy and quick to do. Businesses have begun experimenting the use to virtual reality and 3D-like models, to provide consumers 

As the demand for online shopping has increased, just like key-workers, there has been a need for more Ecommerce talent to manage the demand. In our previous blog on the need for digital skills, we mentioned how candidates had to be aware of the ‘skills in demand’.

Companies are now looking for candidates that have specific skill-sets and that can adapt quickly to the constant changes we’re seeing. Focused skill-sets in candidates are ideal for businesses, as there is no money spent on training, or time spent on candidates settling into their new role. Although the Ecommerce world itself is changing,  the way in which candidates work in the industry, will undoubtedly change going forward. 

Technology playing it’s part 

Digital has been crucial to many sectors and individual businesses during this time, as it has provided an alternative for the consumers to carry on with their shopping activity. As consumers switch to digital, it’s only essential that businesses do the same. 

In order to produce a satisfying and impressive user-experience on the front end, businesses are investing in technology on their back-end. There has been a demand for: UI, UX developers, web designers, VR experts, AI designers and experts, infrastructure architects, cybersecurity experts and special analysts. 

Ecommerce businesses are also seeking programming language experts, to boost their consumer engagement on their platforms in terms of functions, interfaces and various offerings. Python and Swift are currently a few of the in-demand languages. By hiring these experts, it eases the burden on developers with regards to coding. 

Well being of employees

Most employees would have been working from home during the height of the pandemic. They would have been used to working in their remote office, whether that be at home or another location and communicating via a video platform. Although this may have been welcome to the majority of employees, some may have struggled, causing mental health problems. 

As companies begin to return to the office under safety guidelines, employees will have to get used to working in-house under social distancing measures. Some may not be comfortable returning and have trouble getting used to “normality”. There may be a need for mental-health advisors to manage employee health and boost their immunity. 

Covid-19 has taught us that we need to understand change instantly and adapt to it quickly. Companies see a lot of benefit in these employees. Organisations have realized that to protect themselves from such a crisis, they should build a workforce with diverse skill sets. They now want employees who have transferable competencies/skill sets and can smoothly transition from one project/department to another. The future of work will be a new one, and employees must stay ahead of the industry in order to stay relevant.

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