Gary Lineker Fears Being Replaced on MOTD By Robots

Virtual Reality is slowly integrating itself into our everyday lives. The way in which we experience entertainment such as movies and video games has drastically changed with the introduction of VR. Sport, in particular, have embraced the innovations of Virtual Reality, by giving fans new ways to enjoy live sports broadcasting. Virtual Reality headsets have become available and studios, where live broadcasting takes place, have also adapted to this change. 

Football fans in the UK have become accustomed to watching BBC’s Match of The Day every Saturday night (It’s almost become a religion!) We’re used to seeing one face, in particular, as of the show…Gary Linekar. The retired England football legend said that it was ‘only a matter of time’ before cyborgs replaced him and other pundits such as Ian Wright and Alan Shearer in the studio. 

He confirmed BBC already got rid of their old studio set-up, while replacing it with a CGI-style green screen at its MediaCityUK studio in Manchester. He said on a recent podcast: “We’ve basically fired the set at Match of the Day – its virtual reality, so we’re in a green room.

“It’s only a matter of time before they bring in robots... in fact, some would say they’ve already got robots in there!” Could it really happen?