Helping You Stand Out To Your Recruiter

It’s 2020 and the world of recruitment doesn’t stand still; you as a candidate shouldn’t either! The burden of the job hunt can get the better of many, but that’s where recruitment agencies step in and provide the assistance needed. 

At Blu Digital, we like to ensure that the service that not only our candidates but clients receive is of the highest quality. We’re constantly on the lookout for great candidates, but with the talent pool out there at the moment, it can be difficult to set yourselves apart from the rest. 

Recruiters speak to dozens of candidates each week, and we’re here to provide you with a few tips on how you can stand out to a potential recruiter. 
Tailoring your CV: When on the job hunt, you may have a preference for a specific job role or industry; recruiters can often recruit for various sectors and you may potentially be a fit for all of them. If applying for different positions, it’s important to tailor your CV for that position. This means adjusting your personal profile, your skillset and also including relevant work experience related to that position. 
Make sure your CV is clear and well-formatted; It shouldn’t be too long. Sending out generic CVs can be common, however, if your CV is varied in experience, the recruiter may not know what job they have forwarded your CV for. 
Build relationships: Building a good relationship with your recruiter is an important first step. The first time you meet them Is your chance to make a good impression. Be friendly and polite; you want to be the first person they think of when their client picks up the phone looking to fill a role. As mentioned before, recruiters speak to so many candidates during the week; so it’s not uncommon for a few names to slip their minds. 
It’s worth checking in now and again to see whether there are new roles available; let them know you’re still on the hunt.
Be clear about what you want: When you first meet a recruiter, they will often take down some information about you; among these is the type of job in which you are after. It’s important to be clear about what you are looking for. It will show that you have a preference and it will be easier to pick roles for you once they’re clear about your ideal position. Having said that, the ‘perfect role’ may not always be a possibility, so being open to similar positions may make it easier for the recruiter to put you forward for roles. 
Be active on LinkedIn: Not many candidates are active on LinkedIn when they first begin looking for a new position. Research has shown that 73% of recruiters will look up a candidate on LinkedIn after they have viewed their CV. Your LinkedIn profile, like your CV, is an extended representation of you. 
It will most likely provide more details of your experience, such as job duties and achievements in some roles. You can also network with other professionals to let them know of your desire to seek a new position as well as post-work to your network for viewing. You can also alert recruiters to find you on LinkedIn by altering your settings as being ‘open to new opportunities’. 

Create a profile today:
Follow-up: Following up with your recruiter is a great way to stay in touch. This is not only after you first meet them, but after potentially securing a role, always get back in touch to thank them for their assistance in finding you a new role. 

You may have been placed in a temporary or contract position, and you can always get back in touch with the recruiter once your placement is complete. Recruiters can also provide feedback after an interview or if your CV wasn’t considered for the next stage. Show eagerness to know what stage of the process you’re at. If you’re no longer looking for a job, let the recruiter know and they will take you off their system. 
Searching for a job can be a very stressful process, but our Blu Digital team is here to help. Always remember to stay positive throughout the process; it is all about mental attitude – good luck!