Is Facebook The Way Forward For Live Video Game Streaming?

Facebook offers a wide variety of products and services, including communication and a range of advertising platforms. Many of these products and services such as Facebook mobile app, Messenger and paper; are part of the Facebook experience. Other services, such as Slingshot, Rooms, or the app, offer more independent experiences for example they may not need you to register for or sign in to the service using your Facebook account. Captain services, such as Page Manager or Audience Insights, are products that they offer their business partners such as advertisers. All of these Services are covered by Facebooks Data Policy, which describes how they collect, use and disclose your information. Sometimes additional terms may also apply to specific products or services, which they will tell you about through those services.

Facebook launched live streaming for Messenger games in 2017, and said video chats on the platform were to start in 2018.The social media network released Instant Games, a platform for gaming with mutual friends through the Messenger chat app, worldwide in May. To use Instant Games' new live stream feature, all you have to do is tap on the camera icon at the top right of the screen while playing. You can then add a short block of text of your choice to your post. In order to begin recording you just have to press the 'Start Live Video' button. 

Facebook also announced Messenger's video chat feature will come to Instant Games in 2018. Facebook stated that over 245 million people video chat every month on Messenger, with the option to use entertaining effects and capture pictures of their moments together. They also expressed that they will soon begin to test soon that’ll enable people to play games with each other while video chatting.  

This evolution of live streaming is taking a turn the only wait is to see it's outcome.