Making your job ad millennial-friendly

The aim of job advert is to essentially advertise the proposed vacancy; outlining important information such as the job title, salary and job duties. As millennial’s in the workplace rise, their expectations and demands have changed – thanks in part to the introduction of hybrid working. 

A compelling job ad is the first step to drawing in millennials.  Although a job-ad won’t reveal all the details about the position (and any benefits involved), when it comes to targeting millennials, there are certain elements you must include to attract this generation, in a different way than you would ten years ago. 

Discuss opportunities for growth 

One of the main challenges many businesses face is employee turnover. A main reason for millennials deciding or feeling they have to change role or job is due to a lack of opportunities for growth. Whilst this could be a benefit for millennials to see where their interest in career lies; this means hiring managers are constantly having to fill positions. By outlining the possible opportunities for growth within the business, this helps them develop their skillset in their professional and personal life. 

Emphasise the work culture 

Work culture has become a very important part of the recruitment process; and the longevity in a position. Millennials are on the lookout for positions where they can not only produce and progress, but an environment where they feel comfortable to do so. Consequently, employers are looking for candidates who fit the culture. Hybrid working has meant there is flexible time between working in the office and remotely, but the team culture remains crucial. Talk about the team culture, team traits and why you want to build a positive working environment. Highlight what you expect from candidates and why they will be a great fit for the position. 

Specify the perks 

Attractive perks are a great incentive for all candidates in a job advertisement; and this is what millennials will lookout for. Are there specific benefits? Will there be flexible working? Is the dress code relaxed? These are all questions millennials will be asking. As previously highlighted, employees will be most productive when they are happy, regardless of what the job provides them. 

Keep it simple & to the point 

Keeping the ad short and to the point will reduce the chances of readers losing interest. Be sure to add the main points, perks, requirements and benefits in the job description. Should there be anything else to add, that can be discussed in person at the interview. 

Mention the need & importance for soft skills 

Whilst experience is a key requirement for the majority of opportunities nowadays, it can also put millennials off from applying if they feel they don’t match up to requirements. Instead, emphasise how their soft and transferable skills can play a huge role not only the position, but their career progression prospects. Experience is something they’ll gain, no matter which level they’re working at. 

Be transparent about what the job involves 

This generation like to be assured that they are making the right decision; taking into account all the necessary details about the job, including all the job duties. In the ad, be sure to outline what they’ll be doing in their job day-to-day and opportunities or requirements for travel. It’s important to be clear and specific. The salary, location and job duties should be stated clearly in the job description. This gives millennials a clear idea of what is expected and how they’ll be working. 

Provide strong & efficient communication 

Post-pandemic has increased the amount of opportunities available for millennials – increasing their options. This means that you can’t leave too much time to set up conversations, interviews and even offers. The communication tools available allow them to provide answers from their fingertips at any time; via phone, LinkedIn, text and email. Also, millennials are likely to have questions about the job,  so be sure to be available whenever they get in touch. 

Although job ads are not the full picture for a potential employee experience, they are important because they provide initial expectations that could either encourage or deter millennials from applying from the position. Being transparent about what they should expect, the team culture and why transferable skills matter will surely encourage talented millennials to join your business.