SEO For Job-Seekers: Tips To Help You Stand Out Online

SEO is a commonly used term in the digital and online community; one that many businesses use and assess to ensure a top-level or well-visible ranking amongst search engines. For job-seekers that spend hours online trying to find their breakthrough in their quest for a new role, SEO can make a huge difference for you and we’ll take a look at the few reasons how you can take advantage of it. 

Building and maintaining an online presence is very important; and with the tools and platforms available, you’ll be missing out by not taking advantage of it. Your online represents you, your voice, your skillset and what you could bring to a new position. By having a an online profile and somewhere you can post your work (portfolio), this gives potential employers an opportunity to conduct a deeper search to your online credentials you after you have interviewed with them (make sure your profile is in good condition). 

Recruiters and head-hunters are continuously on the hunt for great talent, so how can you be found by employers online who are looking for a specific skill-set and accomplishments? 

Here a few tips to building your online brand and being found online. 

Buy a domain 

A good way to begin, would be to buy a domain name and then deciding what you want it to be called. There are sites such as and that allow you to create a custom domain and build a website. When creating your domain, one tip would be to use some form of your name. If you have a common name, It is normal to come across domains which are taken, if that’s the case, make small adjustments. 

Build a basic website or blog 

Once you have created your domain, the next step is to build some basic content for it. There are usually ready-made templates available to use and modify, or if preferred, you can use a web designer. 

Things you can include: 

  • A short bio/summary about yourself 
  • link to where they can download your CV or resume 
  • Links to social channels 

Depending on the field of work you want to enter, you may want to showcase your work as a portfolio. As part of being creative, you may choose to add a video CV on the website (2-3 minutes) on your career background to date. As well as videos, you may choose to include content such as articles, audio soundbites.

Research the keywords for your chosen field

In order to be found by hiring managers and recruiters, you will have to identify the keywords that they are using to search for candidates. Keywords can include job title, sector, software titles, company names etc. If the role you are aiming for is one of the jobs in demand, then it would be worth assessing job listings and posts and gauge the keywords either in the job title or job description. 

Publish relevant keywords 

When you have identified the keywords that relate to your chosen career, then you can begin to create and publish content that includes the keywords. It’s a good idea to include keywords in your article titles, incorporate them in your paragraphs (beginning and final), but do not overuse them. Use them often enough to ensure that search engines pick up on them, ensuring good visibility on LinkedIn. 

Post your site through social networks 

Once your site is published, it is beneficial to find a channel which you can post your site (and content) through. You can continue to add content to your website after launching, but find where your contacts are located and push content through those channels – increasing the likelihood of likes and shares. Send invites to your friends and contacts, with a link back to your site. 

Something we’re beginning to see more often is the creation of  a "useful links" page that links only to high-quality sites related to your professional and personal interests. Most of these sites will not link back to you, but the outbound links still provide a value in search-engine rankings.

Job-seekers are having to do more than posting their CV on job boards to stand out. They are having to work on their own personal brand to advertise and showcase their skill-set to appeal to employers. Doing this digitally has become the perfect platform to connect with hiring managers and recruiters. 

By creating your personal profile, make sure that your profile is clean of any ‘dirt’ and you leave a good and lasting impression. 

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