Social Media's Impact on Music Festivals

Social Media has had a huge impact of music festivals and has completely changed the experience of attending a music festival.

Living in a generation surrounded by Social Media, it is becoming impossible for us to do anything without popping it on our socials. From the artsy food posts to the scenic shots, we are constantly updating our socials with various pictures and creating hashtags to post and promote memories and events.

Social Media posting is helpful in marketing for brands and festivals. With millions of users updating their socials whilst, before or even after a festival the marketing for the festival has an increased reach and increases awareness of the festival. Music festivals keep getting bigger and bigger, from 10 million attendees in 1969 to over 32 million attendees in 2015, these festivals are a big hit amongst teens and young adults.

While not many artists appreciate seeing a sea of mobile phones during their performances, festival organisers love it. Social Media offers the event with powerful free marketing provided by the thousands of pictures posted on social media. This is one the reasons why festivals are now happy to provide free or cheap WiFi, data connection and charging facilities, so attendees can constantly beam out images to the world. EE, sponsors of Glastonbury recognised this and installed a mobile 4G network at the venue. They want Glastonbury-goers "to upload pictures to social media with ease".

Festivals organisers have used this social media buzz to their advantage and have begun releasing apps for their festivals. These apps are used to provide festival goers with all the information they may need whilst at the festival or before going to the festival. Lovebox is one of the festivals that has released an app. The Lovebox App allows festival goers to view the official set for the year and the times they will be performing, allowing them to plan their weekend. With the map of the park and the list of the line-up and discover new artists, visit their socials. The app also allows users to make a list of their favourite artists and create their own personalised schedule. They can also keep up to date with any important information through push notifications and social media posts.