The Elizabeth Line is the UK’s 'first full digital' railway

The Elizabeth Line has now opened; and has been hailed as the UK’s ‘first fully digital' railway’. 

The Elizabeth Line is the most advanced digital railway in the world; capable of carrying up to 500,000 passengers on a daily basis. It is Europe’s largest infrastructure to date; and London’s single biggest transport upgrade for more than a century. 

Passengers who take The Elizabeth line can expect a smoother and faster journey experience, unlike anything else in the city before. Passengers can travel from one side of the city to another is just 9 minutes. The project to get the new line up and running came at a cost of $23 billion - $5 billion more than expected. 

“This is probably the world’s most complex, fully digital railway. It undoubtedly has the world’s most complicated signalling system, with four different signalling systems” said Mark Wild, Crossrail Chief Executive Officer. 

“We’ve got 16 million digital pathways on this railway. It’s been quite a challenge to bring this all together, but we go there in the end. Customers will reap the benefits of that.”