The top 15 fastest-growing jobs in the UK

LinkedIn’s research has revealed the top 15 fastest-growing jobs in the UK; with Customer Success Consultant, Sustainability Manager, and Product Operations Manager making the top three.

LinkedIn’s platform data and research concluded the following: 

Climate change and cyber threats are among the factors which are shaping business growth, being two of the fastest-growing jobs 

20 million Brits are considering changing their jobs in 2023 – with 50% saying they’re confident of securing a new job 

19% of professionals are not confident about landing a new job 

LinkedIn is providing professionals with free training to learn new skills to secure a new job 

The full list of the fastest-growing jobs in ranking order is as follows: 

1.    Customer Success Consultant 
2.    Sustainability Manager 
3.    Product Operations Manager 
4.    Sales Development Representative 
5.    Chief Growth Officer
6.    Enterprise Account Executive 
7.    Growth Marketing Manager 
8.    Cloud Engineer 
9.    Business Development Representative 
10.    Chief People Officer 
11.    Data Science Manager
12.    Site Reliability Engineer 
13.    Data Engineer 
14.    Security Operations Centre Analyst 
15.    Workplace Coordinator 

In light of this research, LinkedIn’s free skills training initiative allows professionals to learn and equip themselves with the skills in demand; and with 20 million Brits looking to change roles, this is a great opportunity for them to boost their employability skills. In addition to skills training, LinkedIn’s Commitments feature helps businesses attract the right talent by allowing them to showcase their actions surrounding diversity, work-life balance, and career growth on their company page. 

Ngaire Moyes, UK Country Manager, LinkedIn said: “While economic uncertainty is likely to continue through 2023, it’s encouraging to see how optimistic the UK workforce is feeling, with up to 20 million considering a new role this year. Our platform data shows that there is opportunity out there for job seekers – particularly in areas that are tackling some of the UK’s greatest challenges such as climate change, cyber security, and business growth. With the labour market still relatively tight, companies will need to work hard to attract and retain talent in the months ahead.”