Wired vs Wireless

Peace and quiet is always a good thing. However, being able to listen to music without the interference and interruption of outside noise is even better. 

Wired headphones were the first type of headphones made available to the public. Wired headphones could be easily connected to a majority of the smartphones with the use of a cable. The introduction of headphones and the instant popularity meant they were included in phone accessories so by purchasing a phone you now had the addition of a free headphone. If you were not finding headphones within a phone accessory you had to of bought some which were relatively expensive depending on the brand and the sound quality.

The first type of headphones that were popular was the Sony Walkman headphones, which were lightweight headphones which had headphones sockets which become compactable universally across many devices.   

In the mid 2000’s, the global technology brand Apple introduced their earphones to the world it had audio controls on the headphones that enabled you to answer calls, pause /play increase and as well as decrease the volume.

In 2008 rapper and music executive Dr Dre introduced “Beats by Dre” headphones that revolutionised sound qualities, the aesthetic of the headphones were very fashionable this was made possible through celebrity endorsement and product placement. Additionally, Beats by Dre featured noise cancelling which meant you could not hear noise from outside.

Only in the last couple of years have we seen a development in headphones. There has been a shift from using wired headphones to wireless headphones. The wireless headphones work by either having two kinds of methods. One method is radio frequency whilst the second method relies on Bluetooth technology. Devices that are within a certain range are required for both methods.

Obviously the main difference is that one uses a cord and the other doesn't.This clearly helps when doing certain activities (such as running or watching TV) as you don't have to worry about any tangles or cord lengths. Furthermore, the quality of sound and latency has greatly improved since wireless headphones were introduced. Currently, there are no issues of any lag between the transmission and audio and the sound quality is on the same level as CD quality songs, if not better. However, the one issue with wireless headphones is the battery life with the average life only lasting 8 hours. In addition, you need to keep them charged if you are not using it.

Wireless headphones and earphones that have been popular include Apple's Airpods for the latest iPhones and the BeatsX.

With all of this, could we be seeing wireless headphones as the new norm in the near future?