10 Tips To Be a Happier Employee

Under normal circumstances it’s normal to lose your ‘mojo’ and feel low during some periods at work. Covid-19 has provided a new dynamic to the way employees work, providing flexibility, but also being somewhat restricted. 

Day-to-day work can feel like a routine at times, but there are ways in which you can rediscover your enthusiasm! 

1.    Change your routine 

Routines make us feel comfortable; but sometimes if you’re comfortable it may mean you’re not being challenged enough. Try and do something different in your preparation or look into new and exciting projects. Try and keep it interesting. 

2.    Give yourself a break 

Burnout can provide you with a feeling of a lack of motivation. To keep refreshed, always ensure you have a break. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, refresh your mind. It’s not easy to be productive if your mind is clustered. If working remotely, remove yourself from your environment during your break and arrive back in a positive mood. 

3.    Set yourself incentives

If you have an incentive to produce and reach your goals, you’re more likely to. Perhaps you’ve reached all of your current targets and need some new goals to keep you motivated. This may be company incentives or personal ones. It could be rewarding yourself with your favourite foods after a long day or watching your favourite movie. 

4.    Organise a work social activity 

You spend more time with your work colleagues than you do with your family friends, so perhaps a fun work activity may get your spirits up. Getting to know your colleagues and having a laugh, can contribute towards enhance productivity on a daily basis. 

5.    Talk to your manager 

You may be feeling low because you’ve lost your motivation or perhaps you’re not happy with a certain aspect of your job. If that’s the case, then talk communicate with your manager. Discuss the aspects of the role you enjoy and the ones you don’t enjoy so much; so you can come to an understanding. 

6.    Do you need a mentor?

A mentor could be a great help in your job. Perhaps someone who’s been in the same position at some point and able to offer you to some pointers and advice on your current situation. 

7.    Recognise your achievements 

Tracking your current and previous achievements will make you feel proud of what you have achieved, as well as the job you do every day. Knowing what that “winning feeling” is like, may inspire you to achieving a similar accomplishment in the future. 

8.    Breathe 

Meditation has been known to improve anxiety levels 60% of the time. Taking 5-10 minutes out of each day to sit peacefully and gather your thoughts, can have a huge effect on your wellbeing. 

9.    Book a holiday 

Getting away every now and again and recharging your batteries is necessary at times. Perhaps with a holiday booked, this will give you something to look forward to and act as a motivator to ensure productivity levels before you head into the sun (or the lovely place you’re visiting). 

10.     Ask for a raise or promotion 

Maybe you’ve been doing this role for a while and you’re looking for a new challenge within the same company. It could be worth speaking to your manager about the chance or a raise or promotion; which will see you take on extra responsibilities and bring a new dimension to your day. 

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