3 Tips For Using Social Media In Your Job Search

Social media has become a great tool in our day-to-day lives; whether it’s connecting with friends and loved ones, keeping up with news or using it for business purposes. For those seeking new opportunities at this time, social media can be more than just liking pictures and recording videos that circulate the timeline - it can be used to help you find a new job! 

As more business have had to move their presence online, this in some-way has created opportunities, however, it has made them more visible and also given them a new method to scout potential talent. As a candidate, there are various ways in which you can gain the attention of recruiters or businesses whilst sharing your knowledge and expertise with online communities. 

These include posting regularly online, posting your own work to your network and setting up a professional profile. Here are three tips to aid your job search whilst using social media: 

A Professional Presentation 

A professional profile is the first step towards attracting attention from recruiters and hiring managers. Your profile picture is the first thing they see  - try and keep it professional and appropriate. If you’re using LinkedIn, ensure your profile is laid out correctly and kept up to date. Include a bio that will gain the attention of anyone who may come across your profile. Twitter users can also do this by expressing their passion for their chosen sector in their bio. This could also include links to work you may have done or a portfolio. 

A professional profile picture, of course, doesn’t guarantee opportunities, but it is a key first step in the right direction. 

Stay Up To Date With Industry News 

By staying up to date with news in your chosen sector, this demonstrates your passion for the sector and you can also pass on this knowledge to your timeline. If you’ve joined LinkedIn groups or groups from other social media platforms, perhaps sharing opinionated posts could generate a discussion which would then increase the numbers within the group. 

You could also follow accounts which provide the latest trending news in the industry and keep up to date that way. By doing this, you’re not only demonstrating your passion for the sector and you’re also educating yourself. A good idea could be putting the knowledge you have gained into practice. 

This could be creating infographics to present the latest news and knowledge you have gained. If you’re into content, this is perfect. If you’re more of a writer, it could be a case of starting your own blog and adding content to it weekly, presenting it to your audience. 

Network, Network, Network! 

Networking, especially right now, is so important. Connect with previous colleagues and make connections with those who work in the same sector as you. This may enable you to know if there are any opportunities going and a connection can recommend you. Your job search is also a time for you to work on your current skills. As mentioned before, sharing work directly to your network will showcase your skills and dedication. 

Making connections with other group members will also be the start of a relationship. The key is to be noticed, but with some much competition in the candidate pool, you have to make people notice you. Share engaging content, perhaps conduct a webinar and demonstrate your communication skills or share your online portfolio. 

If you are already a business professional, then you may well already have a presence on social media. Different platforms can be used in various ways, it’s just about identifying which ones could help you in your quest for a new position. 

Your job search may be a tweet away – make it count! 



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