5 benefits of using Blu Digital as a recruitment agency

Whether you’re a candidate on the lookout for the next position in digital or you are looking to fill in a few vacancies and build a successful team, we’re here to help! The use of a recruitment agency has various benefits, which include reducing costs and getting expert advice. 

Our recruitment consultants dedicate their time each day to ensure the candidates they speak to find the roles that match their needs; whilst working with clients to understand their needs, requirements and the type of candidate that they’d like to bring in. 

Industry-leading advice 

Whilst expert and extensive knowledge across the industry is amongst the top skills recruitment consultants possess, we are also the best point of contact for advice on your current situation. Whether that’s advice on the next steps of your career or how to close out a deal; or advice on the types of talent your business needs to execute business objectives. 

The benefits of recruitment consultants being up to date with the latest ongoings in the industry is that the onboarding process becomes seamless; because the consultant knows the current demands of the particular sector and can therefore put forward the best talent which suits the requirements. 

You save time 

One of major benefits of working with Blu Digital, is the amount of time that is saved looking for suitable candidates to fill in a role – a consultant does that for you. Rather than spending hours on end going through CV’s and then organising interviews, employers can list requirements for a position and the skills to match, and a consultant can take it from there. 

A recruitment consultant will essentially brief the candidate on the company, the position and the skills and experience which is required. The only time an employer (or client) will spend active in the process, is the interviewing stage. 

On the flip side, if you’re not finding much luck in your search to date, by submitting your CV to our website, our consultants can review your CV and get in touch to alert you of positions which may suit your experience, needs and goals. 

They can answer your questions

Due to the commitment of our knowledgeable consultants to keep up to date with the latest ongoings various sectors and the industry as a whole; they are in a great position to answer any questions you may have. This could be regarding the recruitment process, the current state of the market or general questions and advice. A recruitment consultant will usually ask you a number of questions – this is to ensure that they understand exactly your requirements for the position and what you are looking for. 

Role branding & advertising  

Advertising a role is one thing, however, trying to attract candidate who match the requirements or company is another problem many employers face. Although a number of vacancy-hosting platforms now exist, ensuring your vacancies are seen by the right applicants is not the easiest task. We will make sure the vacancies are posted and seen on the right channels; and consultants will also post vacancies on their separate channels, whilst spending their time reaching out to candidates who are most likely to match requirements. 

Our consultants will be able to utilise their wide networks to increase reach, with the likelihood of communicating directly with applicants. 

Long-lasting relationships 

Once a candidate has secured a new position or a businesses has filled a role, the process doesn’t end there. Consultants will follow-up with both parties to see how the transition is going. A good experience ensures that the recruiters’ services are used again in the future. With the working industry consisting of many mutual connections, should you wish to make a new step in your career or expand your existing team, you can easily get back in touch with us and our consultants are always happy to help. 

Despite our dedication to building long-lasting relationships and knowing understanding your needs, our desire to provide you with the best service possible is what makes us stand out from the rest. 

One of our key personalities is our pro-active nature, our consultants always make sure we’re providing you with the best service. Finally, we aim to be customer centric, your needs are as important to us as they are to you and our consultants are always happy to discuss any situation you may have.