A Look At Blackberry

Remember the Blackberry phones?! Years ago the BB phones were famous for the key pad and the popular messenger ‘BBM’, which was the “it” factor of the phone. The popular Blackberry phones were the curve, classic, bold, Keyone, passport and many more. Blackberry’s main customers consisted of teenagers and businessman.  

The Blackberry Curve was the most affordable and popular phone alongside the Blackberry Bold, the curve had all the basic features from the MP3 player to BBM features. Whereas the bold was one of the first Blackberry phones to develop the touch-screen feature to the phone. 

If you want a handset primarily for emails, SMS, IM and making phone calls, a Blackberry is still a good choice. With hardware qwerty keyboard, most Blackberry’s are designed for regular lengthy hammering by even the least dextrous fingers. Also their square displays are perfect for reading and viewing email, documents and even spreadsheets. Those are the benefits of the handsets, but you should also consider the wider business benefits. If you choose a Blackberry your company’s system administrator will benefit from it.

Unfortunately Blackberry is a company in decline, at least in terms of its smartphone market share. Nonetheless that doesn’t mean that blackberry is found to be discounted, till this date Blackberry constantly tries to sell their products at a full price for their existing customers.  

If we would still look up for the primary reason for the failure, it would be a battle with the newcomers on the smartphone market for example apple, android and Samsung. BlackBerry’s peak was far back in 2013 when it had 85 million users worldwide. In March 2016, this number fell down by 60 million. Android and iOS platform won the battle. By the time BlackBerry recognised that there is a problem, it was a little too late.

There is not just one reason for the failure of BlackBerry, but a mixture of different inner and outer circumstances that led to such an outcome. Nevertheless, the conclusion leads to that the company was not responsive to all of the challenges that happened adequately.