A New Dawn For Social Media

You ask most millennials about how they view media, and there is a good chance that they would say through their phones. Speaking for myself, I hear about tragedies in the third world, and horrible crimes through twitter and Instagram. Most of the time it isn’t through the BBC or Sky Sports social accounts, it’s through people tweeting, posting or recording what’s happening. In a time when social media is becoming ever more ubiquitous, with people logging on to their socials the second something bad happens, it seems like the only logical move to start broadcasting media straight from them. Guess what Snapchat and Copa 90 are doing? 
Copa 90  released a statement that they were going to be showing exclusive world cup content straight to fans, through Snapchat. James Kirkham, the head of Copa 90 tells of his decision to team up with the social media giants. “This new generation is accelerating a shift in power in football – away from traditional media formats and voices of authority that encourage passive content consumption. Increasingly, Modern Football Fans are consuming football content and having their football conversations away from traditional platforms where that conversation feels more genuine and authentic – and an antidote to the shift towards algorithmic control in other aspects of their daily life.”

Ben Schwerin, vice president of partnerships for Snap, added: “We’re delighted to be working with Copa90 to offer Snapchatters their unique take on the beautiful game and the World Cup this summer. With Copa 90 we want to make being a football fan more fun, no matter where you are.”

This on the ground coverage would be delivered globally, excluding only the USA, and provided 45 daily additions in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. 

Snapchat provides something that Twitter or Instagram; a first-person storytelling ability. The idea behind it is to create the ambience and scenes of being in Russia, from the comfort of your on home. 

Snapchat added the ‘Our Story’ function a little while back, meaning that everyone in your city, or at certain events you’re at can view your story along with others at the same location. Snapchat have broadcasted Olympics, memorial days and special celebrations jut by people posting their stories via the ‘Our Stories’. Partnering with Copa 90, Snapchat hope to develop this experience buy offering special content and applications that have never been seen before at any event similar.

With every update and acquisition, social media is paving the way for media content consumerism. You can watch select sporting and political debates and talks through Facebook, and hold live streaming sessions through YouTube already, but we are reaching the next stage of this media revolution. For me, I cannot wait for the World Cup in Russia, and if all the hype and planning is to be believed, then Snapchat will be the place to get the latest news and results. You can say bye -bye to BBC Sport, because Social Media has our backs.