Acing Your Skype Interview

There are many ways an interview can be conducted, the most popular being a face-to-face interview or a phone interview. However, all methods need to be considered and well prepared. Here are some top tips on how to ace a Skype video call interview:

1) Practice makes perfect

This may be your first time experiencing a video call which could feel a little awkward. The best ways to practice could be, recording yourself with your phone or computer whilst having a friend assist you by playing the hiring manager role. Or, as weird as it may sound, practicing in your mirror - this may help improve your eye contact.  

2) Prepare your surroundings 

Make sure that you have the right surroundings when having a video call - finding a quiet room within your home would be ideal. It would be advisable to inform anyone else at home about your call, as you would not want to be interrupted by any noise. If you decide to use your room for the video call, make sure it's clean and presentable as this will be one of the things the hiring manager will notice other than yourself. Also, try and make sure the lighting in the room you are using is suitable to conduct the call.

3) Look the part

It is important not to just sound the part, but, to look the part too! It may be tempting to dress your top half in smart clothing whilst wearing your favourite pajama trousers on your bottom half. However, what happens if you need to get up and adjust your camera/equipment? Therefore, it would be advisable to dress appropriately from  head to toe. 

4) Anticipate technical issues 

If you experience any technical difficulties such as poor connection during your interview and miss parts of what the interviewer is saying, do not feel shy to ask them to kindly repeat  the question. If the situation continues, do not hesitate to mention the issue and suggest reconnecting as you wouldn't want to miss any vital information. 

5) Engage with the interviewer 

Body language - Maintaining a good posture throughout your video call shows good language and enthusiasm. However, it is likely that you could easily forget your surroundings; you may start to slouch or lean against your hand. Make sure that the camera is in a good position where the interviewer has a good view of your head and shoulders, as well as your hands. 

Eye contact - It may be hard to focus on one thing when looking at a screen. The best place to look would be into the camera; as if you're looking right into the hiring managers eyes. Your hiring manager is likely to feel connected with you as this indicates that you are focused and you are paying attention.

6) Be yourself 

Most importantly, don't forget to be yourself. Although you are not physically sitting face-to-face with the hiring manager, they will be looking out for how well you communicate/interact. Therefore, make sure you stay relaxed and be yourself. This will show that you are a good fit for the company and the team.