Adidas Home To Social Media

Adidas is a world famous sporting brand that most people know. They are known for their sportswear including trainers, tracksuits and sporting accessories. The adidas logo is one of the famous icons in the world. Adidas recently became the most shared logo on social media of any brand in May 2018! 

The Adidas brand is pictured in 6.5 million images that are shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram according to Brandwatch. FIFA 18's cover boy Cristiano Ronaldo is featured on the cover wearing a Real Madrid jersey with Adidas as their sponsor - that would definitely have boosted the figures. In April 2018, it was found by Brandwatch that Adidas was featured most shared images, 154 unique images every minute. Adidas averages 6 million unique images per month and they are followed Closely by Nike, who average 5 million unique images per month. 

Google with 3 million, Emirates with 2 million and Puma also with 2 million completed the top five. In a world where everything is becoming more visual, brands are understanding more of what it takes to get their name out there. Adidas have been a top brand for decades, but they're not slowing down anytime soon.