AI Marketing tools your business should try

The digital skills gap remains a concern for many UK businesses. According to GOV.UK, 50% of all UK businesses have a basic cyber security skills gap, while 33% have an advanced cyber security skills gap.

As a result, businesses are continuously on the lookout for specific talent to bridge these gaps. However, as well as well-equipped digital and tech talent, there are also a number of AI tools which is aiding digital marketing and business initiatives. These marketing tools cover needs such as content, customer service needs, and app management. 

Which tools should your business try? 


Did you know: Marvel sent Jasper a cease-and-desist letter after they had secured more than 350,000 users? Their AI was previously known as Jarvis, cheekily inspired by Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man)’s virtual assistant. And so, Jasper was reborn! 

One of Jasper’s biggest strengths is its ability to create copy, in a range of tones and styles, on any topic you can throw at it. Jasper offers a free trial, so there’s certainly no harm in trying. 


Grammarly has become an essential tool for content editing. One great feature is that you can use Grammarly whilst working in many different apps, including Gmail, Word, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Its AI simply highlights errors and suggests corrections.


Surfer SEO is a content optimisation tool helping businesses create copy for ranking on search engines. Surfer assesses and scores your content according to its keyword density, readability, length, use of headers, and other aspects that push content up the rankings.


Chatbots are becoming an important solution for businesses, and this is where Chatfuel is playing a key role. The platform allows users to create a bespoke virtual personality themselves, using a drag-and-drop interface.


USERBOT is much cleverer than the average chatbot. When USERBOT can’t parse a customer’s query, it hands it over to a human operator but continues to monitor and learn from the rest of the conversation. USERBOT then uses what it learns to improve and add the new user query to its repertoire.


Designers, this one is for you! PhotoRoom selectively removes the background of any photo, This specialist design tool uses AI and machine learning to identify the subject of a portrait and separate it from the background. It’s a blessing for anyone tasked with creating a “meet the team” page.


The use of influencers in social media marketing has been a major trend in recent years. Influencity bills itself as the “most complete influencer marketing platform” on the market, and it’s used by major brands like WPP, Kellogg’s, and Samsung. 

It's clear that marketers have more exciting tools at their fingertips than ever before, allowing the tiniest startup to compete for global success alongside the most established brands. And with the many benefits that AI algorithms can provide such as scalability, reach, efficiency, cost savings, decision-making, analytic power, and better customer experience among others, there's still much more to come.