AI Start-up: Kheiron Medical Technologies

Technology has come a long way; playing a key role in the working environment, day-to-day lives and also in healthcare. UK digital health leaders predict “a huge shift towards virtual wards and remote patient monitoring in homes and care homes to support people with long-term conditions” according to Markus Bolton, joint CEO of System C & director of Graphnet. 

The introduction of technology such as machine learning has allowed systems to learn from data, identify patterns and potentially predict results without human influence. This type of technology has had an impact on the real world such as speech and image recognition. 

In a case of its impact on health, it would diagnose patients identifying symptoms that occur regularly and then providing solutions. 

Kheiron Medical Technologies  

Kheiron Medical Technologies is a London-based startup, with the aim of “giving patients a better fighting chance against cancer”. Their whole approach centres around giving radiologists an environment where they can work more effectively – detecting cancer early and improve the outcomes for every patient. 

Kheiran Medical was founded in 2016 by co-founders Tobias Rijken and Peter Kecskemethy. Their main aim is to create AI solutions that help detect breast cancer early on enabling them to live better and healthier lives. 

As part of their technology, Kheiron Medical uses advanced machine learning technology to not only develop, but provide intelligent tools for radiologists, radiology departments and hospitals to help improve the efficiency and consistency of radiology reporting. 

As patients are likely to have worry and anxiety, these solutions help create a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with women because it helps put them at ease, knowing the technology is accurate with cancer detection. 

Their partners include: Emory University, NHS, iCaird, USCF and mamma. 

Where did the name Kheiron come from? 

According to founders Tobian and Peter, the inspiration for the name Kheiron came from a creature in Greek mythodology that was part man, part horse; who was known for his knowledge and skills in medicine.