Alexa - Allowing Users To Control Their TV Without A Remote

On the 1st August of 2017, Amazon announced its latest update for its assistant Alexa. Alexa is available to Amazon customers who have any echo device. She is Amazon's version of Siri but now she can do something Siri still can't. Alexa is now allowing users of Fire TV and Echo to control their TV using just their voice. 

This new update is allowing users to be able to ask for recommendations or even change the channel with a few simple voice commands. Alexa is now allowing its users in US to control their TV without even lifting a finger. US Consumers are now able to pair any Fire TV with any Echo device and tap into voice control. From assisting users to start a show, or to find a good movie or even controlling playback, Alexa is able to do it all. 

If you have only one Fire TV, the Echo device will pair as soon as a question including the words "Fire TV" and "Alexa". However, if you have more than one Fire TV you will have to use the Alexa app and pair the device before using it. This Far-field control of Fire TV is available on all generations of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. This new update is soon going to be followed by the smart home camera support which will be available on all Fire TVs and second generation Fire TV Sticks in US.

Soon enough, we will be able to enjoy movie night without lifting a finger and also keep an eye on the rest of the house from the comfort of the couch. Amazon has said that soon consumers will be able to watch live feeds from their home cameras from their Fire TVs. It's all an eager wait for this new feature to come to grace the rest of the world. I'm sure there are many of us just waiting to be able to watch TV without lifting a finger, that is what lounge day and movie night needs to consist of.