Amazon Live: Try It Before You Buy It

In a day and age where billions of online purchases and transactions are taking place, it’s no secret that the majority of us certainly feel at home when shopping online. It’s quick, convenient and can be done via desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. 

We’ve all been there when an item we have purchased might not have lived up to expectation (annoying, right?) Leading to the hassle of the process of returning your order. Online retail giants, Amazon, have recently partnered up with cosmetic giants, L’Oréal to launch a new feature in the Amazon app which lets users try on make-up, before purchasing it.  To be more specific, the application lets users test out different shades of lipstick on live photos or videos of themselves. 

The new feature is set to launch this week. This only goes on to prove how much artificial intelligence and augmented reality will be a factor when it comes to users purchasing items in the future. Lipstick is the only option L’Oréal have opted for users to sample at this time, however, they also plan to allow users to sample eyeshadow soon and potentially foundation in the future. By Amazon partnering up with the cosmetic giants, this has opened up the door for them to welcome even more customers who may be shopping on their web site for make-up. 

'With this new AI-powered virtual experience, Amazon customers can now purchase with greater confidence — wherever they are, whenever they want, with products delivered right to their doorstep’ Head of Amazon Beauty Nicolas Le Bourgeois said. 

An exciting future lies in wait for online retail and cosmetics.