Applying for jobs during Christmas

Typically, the Christmas period is seen as a busy but also slow period for recruiters, employers, and candidates in general. As businesses celebrate the festive period with activities and prepare for the Christmas break, focus usually regains after New Year, as applications and job searching activity spike up again. Recruiters are usually active up until Christmas but external companies may be slower in their approach to hiring new talent. 

However, the Christmas period could be a key time for applicants to take advantage of their job search. While the possibility of landing interviews decreased during December and recruitment slows down during the month of December, could there be hidden perks to applying during this period? The answer is yes. 

Less competition 

As the majority of applicants slow down their search in the lead-up to New Year, this means there’s less competition when applying. This is a great opportunity to contact recruiters and employers and let them know of your commitment to the job search, even during one of the trickiest periods. This will show recruiters and employers your willingness to work around the clock to land your next opportunity. 

More attention to applications 

With less competition, this means more attention to your application. This means HR teams can take a closer look at your application, communicate via phone or email and generally be more responsive. Having said that, applications can also take longer to process during December, and employers and recruiters will subsequently take longer to get back to you. This shouldn’t stop you from applying if you can, there’s a good chance you will be noticed if you are a good fit for a position. 

Gain a head start 

One of the major benefits of being active during the Christmas period heading into the New Year is you gain a head start ahead of other candidates. As the beginning of the New Year is likely to be extremely busy with HR teams and recruiters filtering through dozens of applications and candidates visiting job boards, with your applications and communications during December, you’re likely to be contacted first for new opportunities. 

Time to adjust your CV 

If you find that you are struggling to make progress in your job search during Christmas, you can use the time you have as an opportunity to adjust your CV. Reach out to recruiters for advice on how you can tailor your CV for relevant positions; so you can are in a strong position to apply for opportunities as and when they come up. 

Arrange an informal meeting 

Your chances of gaining feedback from a recruiter during quieter periods are much higher than when activity is at its highest, and you could do this in the form of an informal meeting. Whether it be through phone, video, or perhaps a meeting over a cup of coffee, this is a great opportunity for you to not only build a stronger relationship with your recruiter but also to outline your plans and ideal preferences for your next opportunity. Use it as an opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable advice. 

Keep Searching! 

Christmas is a time to break away and enjoy the celebrations, but for the most dedicated of job seekers, it can also be viewed as the ideal period to gain a head start in time for the New Year. Whilst we can’t guarantee you new jobs for Christmas, our team’s dedicated and personable approach will set you on the right path heading into the New year. 

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